The adult entertainment industry is a never-ending mystery to many. Here are some of the facts you probably did not know about this industry-

  1. It makes billions of dollars of revenue

There was a time when the adult entertainment industry was pretty small. But today it makes billions of dollars.

  1. Online content sharing takes a toll on the industry

The rapid rate of growth and the increase in the consumption, however, has not resulted in a drastic increase in the revenue. The ease of finding free content has created a blip and has taken a toll on the industry and those involved.

  1. Global consumption has increased on a large scale

When people search for loveplugs and other similar products, with the smart ad recommendations available they might find a relevant link that then takes them to a page that contains adult content.

  1. The number of searches increases each day

Searches on Google and other search engines, for adult content, has been increasing day by day.

  1. New adult content is made available every few minutes

As the demand has been increasing the number of uploads have also increased.

  1. Young kids gain easy access to adult content

With kids now owning gadgets, they easily gain access to the adult site. This reiterates the need for establishing parental controls.

  1. Artists who are involved in this industry are not all safe

Artists involved in this industry, a majority of them, are known to be easy victims of STDs.

  1. Individual uploads have increased

Besides the commercial adult entertainment companies, individual uploads of porn content have steadily risen over the years.

  1. VCR wars were real

The disputes among the various video formats and the ways to share video content way back when digital video sharing was not in existence, was mainly due to the adult entertainment industry.

  1. Female consumers have been steadily increasing

Contrary to the popular belief, female consumers are many when it comes to adult entertainment content.