Every business performs a lot of functions and the employers or the owners of these businesses have certain rights and responsibilities towards their employees. They have to make sure that their employees feel safe when they come to work for them and so they have to take care of it. Here are some of the rights and responsibilities for business and how to handle them.


1) It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the employees are well trained and aware of his tasks and responsibilities towards the business. The employer must provide the employees required training and instructions for their tasks. It is the employer’s responsibility to distribute the work to their employees with clear roles and tasks.

2) The employers must make sure that the employee performs his tasks in a safe environment without harming him or any other person.

3) Any dangerous equipment, chemicals etc should be stored and handled carefully without causing any harm to anyone.

4) The employees should have access to basic necessities like hygienic and clean toilets and a place to eat the food.

5) It is the business or employers responsibility to compensate or rehabilitate its employees or their family in case of accidents and deaths when on work.


1) It is businesses right to expect the best from his employees and clients. If your employees are not working as expected the business have the right to hold them responsible and terminate the relationship after following proper guidelines. For this many businesses take help of various law firms and extradition lawyer.

2) As a business owner, it is your right to make any changes that you think will benefit your business. This could be changing the product line, location of the business, changing supplier and many more.

3) You can also decide whom you want to do the business with, so you can refuse your service to customers with valid reasons unless it is not discriminatory.…