Love the enthusiasm to join a new organization, but think twice you may end up paying a lot in revamping your wardrobe. While we all agree to the fact that, new job, new workplace, new people and friends all this calls for a pair of new dress to suit the workplace, dressing up too much is an issue and too much of a casual approach may be looked down upon. The concept of business casual has changed a lot, over the past few years change in dress code has received a mixed response from all.

What business casuals mean has also changed with time, sometimes a simple polo neck shirt and trousers will make the mark, while a pair of jeans and collared T-Shirt is considered casual. Business casuals became a part of the corporate dress code, and slowly became a Friday dress code, that however does not mean you can come to work in a pair of shorts to look cool and casual.

What does it mean?

  • office culture calls for a uniform method of dressing, if you are starting your own business, an early catch up of your to be working employees workplace can be searched to know how dress codes matter there and other organization and define your way of dressing
  • going for an interview strictly means official look, however, most of top corporate prefer business casual that could be a pair of chinos and a casual shirt, keep it rather simple and elegant and not very outwardly, as it expresses your vibrant personality
  • mix and match options are the best way to blend in the office look with a casual approach and yet be chic and elegant

Carrying your personality and the clothes in as art, you cannot flaunt a gucci at luxtime with a pair of shredded jeans for a corporate meeting with your clients, keeping the look simple yet classy is the modern day power dressing.…