International Forum, 2014

A unique, timely, international dialogue.

Health and Healthcare: At the Crossroads of Business & Society

Inspired by keynote speakers, challenged by expert panels, and guided by first-rate business school faculty members, the forum will bring to bear a world of expertise and research on the critical questions of how business and society can address the challenges of health and healthcare. Discussions will address questions such as:  Is employee health important to corporations and if so what should they do about it? How can technology and innovation improve health access and outcomes? How can different health care systems and government policies cope with changing demographics and rapidly increasing costs?

The exploration will include the sharing of ideas and perspectives across cultures and across constituencies. It will include the creativity and solutions of top business leaders and the strategies and aspirations of key policy makers. Students from each school will develop case studies and briefing materials, undertake surveys, and play an active role in the forum. 

The most sound and promising insights and initiatives that flow out of the forum will be widely disseminated and easily accessed by decision- and policy-makers at all levels. Faculty opinion will coalesce around the best practices of the different cultures; they’ll bring that knowledge back to their home institutions to incorporate into their teaching. It is not only today’s business leaders who will benefit from the unprecedented two-day event. It will be tomorrow’s, as well. And an increasingly global society will benefit most of all.

  • Japan 2014

    Professor Gérard de Pouvourville, PhD, is head both of the Health Economics Chair and the Institute for Health Economics and Management at ESSEC Business School.  His major research area deals with health policy, health care financing, and health technology assessment.

  • Japan 2014

    Professor Robert G. Hansen, PhD, is the Norman W.Martin 1925 Professor of Business Administration at Tuck.  He is the co-director of Dartmouth’s Masters in Health Care Delivery Science program in which he teaches health economics and policy.

  • Japan 2014

    Professor Ana Maria Malik, PhD, teaches at FGV-EAESP in the area of health planning and management.

  • Japan 2014

    Professor Dr. Bernd Helmig holds the Chair of Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Mannheim. His main field of research is societally oriented service management in public and nonprofit organizations.

  • Japan 2014

    Atsuomi Obayashi joined Keio Business School in 1996. His research interests focus on risk management, from perspectives of incentive structure and decision making.

  • Japan 2014

    Dr. Yunjie (Calvin) Xu is an Associate Professor at the School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. His research interests cover electronic commerce, knowledge management, online social network analysis, information seeking behavior, and research methodology.

The Venue
  • Collaboration Complex, Keio Business School

    Yokohama, Japan

    March 6-7, 2014