Spending time with other people is a basic necessity for any human being. This is the way we are designed. When it comes to spending the little time we have left, with near and dear ones, it becomes special. Despite all the commitments one has with family, work, etc, if they get an opportunity to spend some time with friends, what do they do? Many jumps at such an opportunity, try their best to squeeze in some time in the midst of their busy schedule and meet up, while some just give up saying they have no time for such indulgences.

However, when you get a chance for a night out with friends, do you take it or pass it on? You take it of course! Here are some great reasons why such an opportunity should not be passed on:

  1. It is a break from your regular mundane routine
  2. You have no curfew as you have the entire night with them
  3. There is no worry about getting back home in time for dinner, or to put the kids to bed or to catch some sleep because it is a weeknight
  4. You have more room to extend your plans and make last minute plans like club hopping or bar hopping too
  5. The minute you know your regular day is over and rest of the night is going to be with your friends, your mind and body relax and starts having a good time before you even start doing anything. This is very good for a person who is constantly on the run due to various commitments
  6. You get to recall beautiful memories and reminiscence the past for the whole night
  7. You can dress up well, carry your favorite bag you bought gucci at luxtime and flaunt it in style
  8. You get a chance to see how each one of you has grown in life. This can be both motivational as well as an eye opener
  9. If they are friends for years now or your childhood friends, you can discuss issues and get many things off your mind. Something everyone needs from time to time
  10. It will be total fun, with no limits or and you can just go back to your life the next day like it all never happened.